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o   Administration

·   Collectors of Nashik - Since its formation

·   Administrative History

·   Collectorate

·   Muncipal  Corporation / Council

·   Zilla Parishad

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o   History

o   Overveiw of District

o   Sinhastha Kumbh Mela

o   Places for Turist

o   People’s Representatives

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o   Railways schedule

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o   MAPS of District

o   IMP Telephone Numbers

o   NIC  Nashik

o   Other Weblinks

o   Famous Personalities

o   Right to Information

o   Web Based Projects

o   Beneficiary List of SGY

o   BLO list for Nashik District

o   District Gazetteer  - Nashik

o   DIC ZUM Meeting (Minutes)

o   Disaster Management Plan

o   State level Bankers Committee – Nashik

o   View  Property Card

o   7/12 Preview

o  Information about DIC Schemes

o   Rainfall upto 31/10/2012

o   DAM Storage Information

o   PDS Information

PDS Allocation – Nashik District

·     Food Grains

·    Sugar

·    Kerosene

·    Palmoline Oil

o   Citizen Charter

o   eTender  Programme

·     E-Tender Steps

·    E-Tender pre-requisit

·    E-Tender User Creation Form

·    E-Tender (DSC) Form

·    Contact Details – Support Staff

·    E-Tender Web Site for Maharashtra

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