The need to grow more food was felt during the 19th Century because of the increasing pressure of population. According to the recommendation of Famine Commission(1881), Agriculture Department was established in 1883. Work started with the aim of helping the rural community to achieve higher productivity in agriculture. Agriculture department considers farmer as the focal point and the whole department is organized in such a fashion that a single mechanism is working to facilitate the farmer for adoption of advanced technology and sustainable use of available resources. Every agriculture assistant working at village level has a jurisdiction of three to four villages with number of farmers limited to 800 to 900 which facilitates more interaction for easier transfer of technology. Agriculture Assistant at village level undertakes soil conservation work, horticulture plantation and various extension schemes. He is supervised by Circle Agriculture Officer at circle level. Administrative control, laison with other departments, monitoring and training programs etc. are facilitated by Taluka Agriculture Officer at taluka level, Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer at sub division level, District Superintending Agriculture Officer at district level and Divisional Joint Director at division level. n addition, Agriculture Officer at Panchayat Samiti level, working under Agriculture Development Officer, Zilla Parishad at district level also implement various agro-inputs related schemes.

About Agriculture Department of Nashik General information about Nashik district

Sr.No. Particulars Numbers
1 Geographical area 15548 square kilometers
2 Total Talukas 15
3 Total villages 1960
4 Total population 61,09,052
5 Number of account holders 6,42,662
6 Small Land holders 3,50,956 (54%)
7 Marginal Land holders 2,88,496 (44%)
8 Others 3,210 (02%)
9 Kharip Village 1577
10 Rabi Village 383

Miscellaneous schemes :

Jalyukt Shivar campaign

  1. Jalyukt Shivar campaign
  2. Agricultural Mechanization Sub-Mission
  3. National Food Security Campaign
  4. Prime Minister Pick Insurance Scheme
  5. Gopinath Munde Farmer’s Accident Insurance Scheme

Jalyukta Shivar Campaign 2017 – 18 brief (Nashik district)

Sr.No. Particulars Numbers
1 Total number of villages selected under water 201 (total 14 talukas)
2 Total number of works started 4175
3 Total No. of works completed 4100
4 Number of works in total progress 75
5 Number of works of total mud removal 656
6 Total clay mud 14,42,979 mm
7 The land area is sown. 2367
8 Basic Plan (A + B + C) Rs. 88.52 crores
9 Improved Plan (A + B + C) Rs. 88.14 crores
10 Total available funds 73.97 crore
11 Total Expenses Rs. 47.05 crores

The number of work done by the end of March-2018 and the amount of water produced in it

Sr.No. Particulars Numbers
1 Total water storage capacity 28305 TCM
2 Approximate protected irrigated area (O) 1 water cycle 56610 ha.
3 Approximate protected irrigated area (O) 2 water cycle 28305 ha.
4 Online number of jobs in the online tagging 3904 (93.73%)

Magel Tyala Shettale Scheme

The Government has approved Magel Tyala Shettale scheme as per G.R No. शेततळे -२०१६/प्र.क्र.१(७४)/रोहयो-५ Mantralay, Mumbai-32 dated 17 February 2016.

  • Beneficiary Eligibility:

    1. Farmers should have at least 0.60 hectares of land in his name. It does not have the maximum limit.
    2. The beneficiary farmer’s land should be technically suitable for the shettale.
    3. Earlier, applicants should not have availed benefits from Government Schemes of these constituents with Shettale, community shettale or paddy husk.
    4. A farmer below poverty line (BPL) and the family in which farmers have committed suicide. Their heirs should be selected in the first priority with exemption in the seniority list in the selection process.
    5. In addition to above, all other categories of farmers, according to the seniority list of the farmers who are demanding (first priority as the first application submission) selection.
  • Documents Required:

    1. 7/12 extract of land
    2. 8 – A Extract
    3. Below Poverty Line (BPL) card / heritage certificate of suicidal family.
  • Requesting application from beneficiary:

    1. Interested farmers are required to participate in the prescribed application form and participate in the scheme of consent. Farmers must pay their demand through online computer system. The application for this has been made available on the website of and The beneficiary should submit the information mentioned in Form 2 and fill the original application and scan all the documents including his own signature etc.
      By filling the application information online and uploading it with all the Scan documents.
    2. The process of upload will be available on 29th February 2016 at 11.00 am.
    3. The following options will be available after the person applying for the scheme will be asked to visit his government website and the farmer will click on this link.
      1. Use profile already created on your government website.
      2. By creating new profiles on your government portal (if profile is not available on above point 1)
      3. For any of the e Maha Seva Kendra (in CSV), it will be necessary to have your own mobile number. The person himself can fill his application using a computer from a cyber cafe. Service charge for application will be Rs.20 / – plus service tax. If you do not have a mobile, you can do the Scaning, Upload ect process through Maha E Sewa Kendra, while filling the application from Maha E service center.

Contact Number of District Superintendant Agriculture Officer, Nashik

District Superintendant Agriculture Officer
Sr. No. District STD Code Office Phone Number Fax Email
1 Nashik 0253 2504042, 2505534 2504042 dsaonsk @,
Deputy Director of agriculture
Sr. No. District STD Code Office Phone Number Fax Email
1 Nashik 0253 2504042, 2505534 2504042 dsaonsk @,
Sub-Divisional Agricultural Officer
Sr. No. District STD Code Office Phone Number Fax Email
1 Nashik 0253 2595138 2595138
2 Niphad 02550 241132 241132
3 Kalwan 02592 250055 221402 kwn_sdao@,
4 Malegaon 02554 250518 250518
Taluka Agriculture Officer
Sr. No. District STD Code Office Phone Number Fax Email
1 Nashik 0253 2590885 2590885
2 Trimbak 2594 233485 233485
3 Peint 2558 225508 225508
4 Igatpuri 2553 244633 244633
5 Niphad 2550 241156 241156
6 Sinnar 2551 220068 220068
7 Chandwad 02556 252267 252267
8 Yeola 02559 266562 266562
9 Malegaon 02554 254760 254760
10 Satana 02555 223907 223907
11 Namdgaon 02552 242302 242302
12 Kalwan 02592 250076 222736
13 Dindori 02557 221076 221076
14 Surgana 02593 223350 223350
15 Deola 02592 229611  –