District Sports Office

District Sports Officer Office, Nashik:

Maharashtra’s Sports and Youth Services Directorate was established in 1971 and the District Sports Officer’s office has been established in every district of the state through the Directorate of Sports. The work of organizing school sports events in the district and implementation of schemes related to sports development of the state is done through District Sports Officer’s office. Many schemes / programs are implemented at the state and district level for sports development through state government. The successful implementation of these schemes / activities is done by the District Sports Officer’s office. Sports is a form of donated donation to Manas. Every man is in a way connected to the sports field. Some people are directly involved in this field and some people have been involved in this field with the help of support. Therefore, it is an attempt to make the information available to the sports persons available to everyone. Events in sports sector of Nashik district, various events, sportsmen, awardees, sports facilities etc. It is extremely happy to present the information to the general public. Through this, it will be easy to make a picture of what your district is doing in the sports field. Similarly, planned efforts will be made to fill the shortcomings in the sports sector of the district. It is also possible to get a review of the implementation of the schemes implemented by the government. Through this website, efforts are being made to present the work of the District Sports Officer’s office and various schemes of the government and the status of sports related to Nashik district.