All religion temple Tapovan

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All-religion temple Tapovan

All-religion temple in the Tapovan area of Panchavati, which has been sanctified by
Lord Ramchandra’s stay, is now attracting the attention of devotees from all
quarters. Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita spent most of their 14 years of exile in Godavari.
Some of the events that took place in his life are being depicted in this all-religion temple
through Ram Darbar. The temple is situated next to the site which is marked as the place
where Laxman cut off the nose of Shurpanakha, near the confluence of Godavari and
Kapila rivers. The temple is the centre of attraction for every devotee who comes to the
famous religious place at Tapovan and the foot fall is increasing as the days pass by.
We are all human beings before we become Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis.
The message that humanity is our true religion is the symbol of all religions in the temple.
In this temple, incidents like cutting off the nose of Shurpanakha, abduction of Sita,
berries fed to Lord Ramachandra by Sabari, younger brother Bharat carrying the Padukas
(shoes) of Lord Rama attract the attention of the people. Apart from this, Shri Ganesh,
Durga, Radha Krishna, Lakshmi Narayan, Vitthal Rukmini, Saint Mauli Dnyaneshwar,
Guru Nanak Devji, Jagadguru Saint Tukaram Maharaj, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir Swami,
Jagannath Dham, Shri Hansji Maharaj, Mata Raj Rajeshwari Devi along with
Kodandadhari (carrying arch) Shriram and the happy idol of the mighty Rambhakta
Hanuman attracts the attention of the devotees.

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